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Contract Negotiation

RSG Hockey’s team of agents and advanced stats specialists has successfully negotiated hundreds of NHL contracts over the last 19 years and also shares a deep knowledge of all Major Junior and European contracts. We use our excellent knowledge of the market and player values to find the best situation for our clients. Our advanced stats team helps us look at multiple angles for every deal, maximizing the value and career longevity of our clients.

Litigation and Arbitration

RSG Hockey’s team of mentors (located in both Canada and the U.S.) serve as a partner with each RSG Hockey player. RSG Hockey’s mentors can assist players with legal issues from endorsements and housing contracts to establishing charitable foundations or drafting prenuptial agreements. We also have over 19 years of experience in salary arbitration cases with NHL Clubs.

Financial Planning

The RSG Hockey’s Financial Services Group, RSG Wealth, knows the importance of player investments and the security of knowing and trusting your advisers. We assist each of our clients with tax preparation, financial and estate planning, as needed. RSG Hockey’s financial management network is made up of global leaders in their respective fields, ensuring that we have the right people to meet our clients’ particular needs at every stage of their career. At the client’s request, RSG’s team of professionals can be present for all financial steps, helping bring peace of mind during these important decisions.

Estate Planning

RSG Hockey and its legal and accounting partners, RSG Wealth, will work to develop estate planning that meets the client’s objectives and overall strategies. RSG Hockey will keep clients informed of tax and estate laws that may impact their future as well as strategies that take advantage of such changes.

Tax Planning

RSG Hockey provides tax planning and filing through an affiliation with a multitude of certified accounting firms throughout North America and Europe. Depending on your needs, RSG Hockey can provide year-round tax and expense management or just end-of-year taxes. (Fees priced separately.)

Car Financing

RSG Hockey works directly with trusted partners to connect you to auto financing that might not otherwise be available. Click Here to complete the Credit Application process.

Insurance and Benefits Analysis

RSG Hockey will help in the selection of providers to address any possible needs in your insurance and benefits coverage and provide practical solutions to get the coverage you need when you need it, again partnering with market leaders in all areas.

Conditioning and Nutrition

Physical, psychological, and strength conditioning development are very important factors in the longevity and success of a pro hockey player’s career. We provide our clients with access to top experts and up to date training methods available within the hockey industry throughout the world. We have access to experts in the fields of strength training, sports psychology, nutrition, power skating, conditioning and video development specific to the hockey world. RSG Hockey also holds skills camps throughout North America.

Media Skills/ Social Media

Our media coaching and consulting services help our clients increase their value and public image through newspaper, radio and television interviews. Social media has become a very important aspect of every athlete’s career and image. We assist our clients in understanding the power and potential in enhancing and maintaining a positive social media presence. We are involved in a multitude of projects to help enhance our clients’ social media image and presence, as this part of the media world keeps growing in relevance, and endorsement opportunities arise.


RSG Hockey’s network of business connections and network of professional athletes is in place to help clients capitalize on their marketability by seeking out opportunities for endorsements and public appearances. In addition to seeking events that reinforce the player’s image and fulfill their desires, RSG Hockey serves as the client’s primary contact and coordinates all details. RSG Hockey is also at the forefront of digital media opportunities, seeking “new age” projects that involve its clients. We are proud to say we are at the forefront of this market for NHL’ers.


RSG Hockey has successfully collaborated with companies such as: Adidas, AutoTrader Canada, Bauer, CCM, Fanatics, Kia, Jack Links, Frito Lay’s, Peet’s Coffee, Pepsi, Plantronics and Upper Deck Trading Cards on behalf of its clients. Through these licensing opportunities, RSG Hockey’s clients have been able to expand their marketing image and seek out opportunities outside the game.

Charitable Contribution

RSG Hockey can offer guidance in setting up a relationship with your charitable organization of choice. Involvement in charities helps increase your visibility while creating a positive image within the community.

Life After Hockey

RSG Hockey, with its partner RSG Wealth, is at the forefront of post-playing career development. With a first of its kind program within the agency industry, RSG clients are encouraged to start defining their brand at the height of their playing career, searching for their passion and business future off the ice. As clients start analyzing post-career opportunities with our help, a plan is put in place well ahead of retirement, easing the stress of transitioning to the business world. Once we help a client identify and refine his brand, our focus turns to career objectives and aptitudes as their playing days come to an end. An early start in all of these areas pays off in many ways for the client and his family. Our career transition expert team is there along the whole process.

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Congrats to @GageGoncalves on his 1st @NHL contract with the @TBLightning! Gage is represented by Allain Roy & Shane Corston. #RSGHockey #Bolts

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