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Hischier and Teammates Excited for him to Play the All-Star Game

January 16th, 2020 by by Chris Wescott /

The Devils announced today that Nico Hischier will be attending the 2020 NHL All-Star Weekend in St. Louis. He is replacing Kyle Palmieri, who is dealing with a foot injury.

“I mean, I’m sorry for Palms,” said Hischier. “Obviously, you never want to see teammate get hurt, but it’s an opportunity for me. I’m really excited about it… Growing up as a kid, you’re watching those games. Now to be part of it, it’s going to be pretty neat and I’ll enjoy it for sure.”

Hischier’s teammates are happy it’s Hischier getting the nod, after he fell short in the Last Men In fan voting.

“Oh, it’s super exciting,” said Jesper Bratt. “I mean, first of all, it’s hard to see Palms get injured like that and miss that kind of event. He really deserved to go too. He has been top player for us the whole year. But we’re all really excited for Nico and if there would be one guy on the team that would’ve got to go to this event, it for sure would be Nico. He’s been a great player for us all year and all the years has been here, so we’re all really excited for him and I think he’s going to have a great time there.”

Hischier is honored to represent New Jersey.

“It’s representing that team,” he said. “You’re doing something right to be able to represent the team and I’m proud of it, that I’m able to do it. That’s all I can say is I’m really proud and honored to be the representative of Jersey.”

Hischier is second on the Devils with 28 points (12 goals, 16 assists) in 40 games. In the past month, he’s picked up seven goals and 12 points in his last 13 games.

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