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January 18th, 2018

We cross paths with many people in our professional career. All are important interactions of impact and shape us along our journey. Even the worst interaction with a person can be your biggest learning.  Then there are those you come across that make that impact not only to yourself, but to others as well.

I’m an individual with a long and rich career in sports, marketing and brand building.  I’ve met a lot of people, I’ve worked with a lot of people.  Some good, some bad, a good OG crew of great ones. I very rarely get star struck. I’ve seen some crazy moments in my career from pulling a few G’s in a Lear jet next to a Russian MiG, to being part of a team that saw a man jump from the edge of space.  But the most exciting part of my career is when I’ve witnessed great people, great athletes, go from local kid to everyday heroes of inspiration and innovation within their discipline. This is the most impactful take away of my career.  When people have asked what has been the coolest experience of my career, the answer is always the same.  The people. 

Enter Allain Roy.  Upon first meeting I asked myself, “what makes this guy different?”  By the end of the conversation it was an easy answer; genuine passion and expertise.

It was evident that Al’s roots on the ice easily translates to his expertise off the ice, this is what makes a great leader. Walking, bleeding and sweating the mile is important. Seeing what the horizon holds for his clients is vital. It was evident when I left the table that this guy never left the game, he just continued his passion and shared his expertise, paying it forward by helping others achieve in the sport of hockey.  

I walked away knowing that RSG Hockey was just not another sports agency, it was the incubator for the next generation of talent.  RSG Hockey was taking athletes from hockey inception to a vision on the horizon for the individual.  A true organization of talent that offers a 360 approach from career entry and growth both on a personal and professional levels.

The team at RSG Hockey who places their athletes first, and I mean every athlete. RSG Hockey has become a pillar of knowledge and experience on and off the ice driving a bird’s eye to granular view of each individual to bring them to their best.

You get to meet some great people along your career, know their story, see their journey and how they pay it forward. I’ve always said being wealthy is not what’s in your bank account, it’s who’s around you that gives you wealth and meaning.  Surround yourself with people like Al, they are a rare breed…they make you a rich person.


About the Author: Jennifer Lukas-Bourgeois “JLB” has a 20-year career in strategic marketing, brand building, event experience, athlete development and leadership.  With a strong background in sports, brand building and social media, JLB provides insights and consulting to athletes, opinion leaders and CPG companies.  Jennifer began her early career working with ESPN Summer and Winter X Games. In 1996, JLB was one of the individuals who set the foundation, and grew, the Red Bull Energy Drink brand in the U.S. until 2014 when she launched her own company, Ti22 Marketing.

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Congrats to @GageGoncalves on his 1st @NHL contract with the @TBLightning! Gage is represented by Allain Roy & Shane Corston. #RSGHockey #Bolts

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